Brownie Cake

This decadent two-tier cake features two layers of chocolate brownie with a layer of delicious Milo cheesecake in the middle and packed with hazelnut whip on the sides. It’s topped with vanilla chantilly cream and decorated with brownie chunks, fresh strawberries, salted-caramel macarons, crisp caramel pearls, Maltesers and dark chocolate. An indulgent, eye-catching cake that everybody will love! 

Available in three rectangular sizes:
Small (15cm x 18cm) – $129, 12-14 serves (pictured)
Medium (18cm x 30cm) – $189, 20-24 serves
Large (24cm x 36cm) – $279, 32-36 serves

Need to know:
- 48 hours notice is required. If you’re looking to place an order within that time frame, call us on 0458 958 852 and we’ll try and make it happen!
- Pick-up time is after 8:30 am (specified upon ordering)
- Our cakes are made on the same day and as close to the specified pick-up time as possible.
- Want a chocolate plaque with a name or personalised message? Just pop the words in the ‘additional info’ section at checkout.

  • $129.00